The USTS CMS project is supported by the Paris 10th arrondissement city council.

Our innovation program is designed to define and conceive a hybrid solution for the development of a web and mobile framework for OpenSource distribution.

Our RDI abilities enable us to develop this solution, which is at the same time a product and service innovation, in preparation for its digital launching. Innovation can be found in the way we propose the service, its development and also its execution.

Our research, development and innovation projects are centred on the development of a unique pre-configured interconnectivity hybrid solution, to be used by start-ups and businesses for their web and mobile expansion projects.

This solution is revolutionary because of the technologies it uses: created with a Symfony base for the web, Ionic for mobiles and REST or API’s.

The project is in its start-up phase: the prototype is ready and has already been successfully deployed for several of our clients. The stable and scalable aspects of the solution mean that extra overlays can be added to meet precise functional, ergonomic or security requirements.

This development program is a key element to our increased production, meeting the requirements of a targeted clientele and therefore rapidly creating a large client portfolio. The development of this solution, which fully complies with the needs created by digital transformation, will lead to regional excellence and generate significant economic benefits for our company and our partners.

An application for a grant has been made for this project to the Région Ile-de-France and will be submitted to an audit to obtain an Crédit Impôt Innovation and Crédit Impôt Recherche.

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